Why low-voltage lighting?

Low- voltage lighting uses approximately 1/3 of the power as traditional outdoor lighting.  With the growing technology in LED lightbulbs, this energy saving will only continue to grow.  Additionally, low- voltage lighting installation does not require extensive electrical work and the use of electrical contractors, saving the customer time, money, and any intrusive alterations to their home.  


Toomey Lighting installations are minimally invasive and far more cost effective than traditional hi-voltage landscape lighting.  All that is necessary is an outlet for a transformer to be plugged into.  No electrical work is necessary, and typical installations take a day or less.  Each lighting fixture is hardwired, with special attention paid to the concealment of unsightly wires, which are usually buried underground whenever possible.

the "hub" installation

At Toomey Lighting we use a "Hub"method of wiring.  Simply put, this method allows easy troubleshooting and insures proper distribution of power across all lighting fixtures.  By having all connections made in one area and housed in a weatherproof box in the ground, connections remain easily accessible and out of the elements, prolonging lifespan and eliminating time consuming troubleshooting.  The diagram below shows the three major components of our installation process.

The wonders of led

The advancement in lamp technology has allowed for more and more lights to be added while dropping the energy usage, and therefore cost of operating your low-voltage landscape lighting system. The chart below shows the overwhelming savings in use of LED bulbs when compared to halogen bulbs.  While LED bulbs cost more upfront, they pay for themselves manny times over when compared with halogen bulbs and their respective lifespans.